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(Sire: GCH Lanbur's Curly Joe x Dam: CH Honey Pot Honey Dhue)
CH Honey Pot Exactly My Brand of Heroine "Bella" - CGC TD

Cute Story from Kathy & Bella:


"Wednesday is bath day For Bella,so she smells pretty for Hospice tomorrow.


I have to brag here... I believe you have bred the best Therapy Dog EVER!!!!  Hospice is her calling, Bella is so happy to get in the building.First we have to stop at the reception desk and say hello to the two ladies there, they LOVE her. Next we sign in,then we have to visit all the employee's at their desks...then more people stop us to visit with Bella and get their fix...Now we to go up stairs to the patients floor to go to work! I have come to know my place in Bella's life... I'm her personal driver, I make sure she gets to work on time,and she meets all her obligations. It brings tears to my eyes watching her do her Beagle magic!!!


There is a man who in the day trained Military Dogs for protection-bombs-landmines etc. He was very happy to meet your dog!!! Last week I asked him if he would like Bella to jn him on the bed.(it was hard for him to reach for her). Then he asked: is that allowed?


You bet it is, as I set Bella on the bed next to him she leaned up against him. I have no words to explain the feeling in the air and the look on this mans face as he put his hand on Bella, a very special connection was made... all was right with the world! No words were being spoken the two of them were in the zone!!! OMG! what an experience... his nieces walked in smiling ear to ear watching their uncle with her. I have to stop now , hard to type with tears running down my face.


I LOVE THIS BEAGLE...          xoxo, Kathy & Bella"

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