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We feed and recommend a combo raw and quality kibble diet


We feed a combo raw and high quality kibble diet to maximize digestion and absorption of the essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for a happy, healthy dog. If you have any questions or need guidance starting a raw diet for your dog or puppy, please feel free to contact me directly. Below you will find a link to a Facebook group that provides guidance and invaluable information in their files.


Your best source for the raw portion of your dogs diet can be obtained from Raw Dog Express. They offer a variety of 100% balanced rolls of human grade, AAFCO approved, raw food. They also have products for those who want a more do-it-yourself feeding model. Check out their products on their website and follow their FB page for product updates, specials, order reminders, and informational posts on raw feeding!

We follow the 80/10/10 model, which consists of:

80% meat, sinew, ligaments, fat
10% edible bone
10% organ (5% liver and 5% other organ meat)


NEVER feed cooked bones of any type! When bones are cooked they can splinter and pierce the stomach or intestines. Raw bones are soft; bending as needed during digestion.

The kibble we use is Sport Dog Food. It is very high quality, with limited ingredients.


This means, there is:

  • No Corn, Wheat, Soy, or Gluten

  • No Chicken or Chicken By-Product-Meal

  • No Rice or White Potato

  • No Flax Seed or Alfalfa

  • No Peas, Pea Fiber or Pea Powder

  • No Egg or Egg Product

  • No Beet Pulp or Pomace

  • No Canola Oil

  • No Rosemary

  • No Ethoxyquin (Preserved with Verdilox)


Here are some raw feeding resources:

Check out the amazing results we had after just six weeks on a Raw diet - select a photo to see it full size:

Want to find out more about our feeding program?  Send me a note and I will personally consult with you on the program.


Free for our puppy families and only a small fee of $75 for others.  
Includes one 30 minute phone consultation, payable via PayPal.

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