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Our Chihuahuas

Over the years, through our love of Beagles and purebred dogs, we naturally expanded our hearts and talents to other breeds. First we added a wonderful Doberman Pinscher named Pie and Allettare Dobermans was born, which has flourished beyond our wildest dreams under the passionate focus of my daughter Angela Ferrari. Angela is the heart and soul of Allettare Dobermans.


Not long after Angela had conquered the Doberman ring I decided I wanted my "old lady dog" and after musing over the Toy Group for a couple of years we decided on the Chihuahua. Angela insisted it had to be a Long Coat and through much luck and help from some great Chihuahua friends, we were blessed with our first Chihuahua puppy Ali from Kristi Greens world famous Knockout Chihuahuas kennel.


Well, you know what they say "You can't have just one" and two years later Ali was a Grand Champion and a busy, fully health tested, stud dog. It wasn't long before we welcomed one of his beautiful long coat daughters named Sugar into our hearts and home. 


In September of 2022 Sugar blessed us with two gorgeous puppies named Huey and Jewelia. Huey has gone to live with our good friends at Sapphire Chihuahuas and Jewelia has stayed here with us. 


Anyone who has had a Toy Dog understands "the littles" are a special kind of love and I often wonder why it took me so long to realize what I was missing. Chihuahuas aren't as easy to breed and whelp as the Beagles, and they aren't as stunning and intimidating to strangers as the Doberman (although they are much more vicious) but they are unsurpassed as adorable and loving little house pets. 


While we don't plan to breed litters of Chihuahuas often, we do hope to have the occasional puppy available, and we can help connect you with fellow responsible breeders if you are looking for your own precious puppy. I am so happy that I chose the feisty and fun Chihuahua to grow old with. 

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