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Some things you should know before contacting us to inquire about buying a puppy...

Our dams are carefully matched to qualified studs to produce beautiful puppies of wonderful temperament, health and conformation. This means we often ship our bitches to the stud dogs which involves much expense on our part but makes all the difference in the puppies we produce.


We do all the appropriate medical testing before we even think of breeding our Beagles. 


Our puppies are part of our family and raised in the home where they are well socialized to new sights and sounds. We generally place our puppies at about 8 weeks of age after they have received their initial shots and worming. A puppy packet is provided for each of our puppies including health history, five generation pedigree, care and feeding information, housebreaking and obedience tips.

Prospective families should be aware that most puppies will have homes before they are even born and that being placed on a waiting list is not uncommon. We reserve the right to pick of the litter and preference will be given to placing show quality puppies in show homes, however, our primary goal is to ensure a safe and loving home for each of our puppies for the rest of their lives. 


Our Puppy Placement Procedure


Our pups are sold to Approved Homes only. All puppies sold as "pets" should be

spayed or neutered around one year of age. If at any time you cannot keep your


Beagle you must agree to return the dog to us. Our interest in a new buyer does not

end with the sale of the puppy. We try to keep in touch with our new puppy owners

and we will continue to help you with any questions or problems you may encounter

with your puppy or adult. Our interest lasts for the life of the dog. 


Some more things you should know before contacting us to inquire about buying a puppy...

Puppies BITE and it hurts. Pups need to be taught many manners in the first year of their life

and they will do all kinds of annoying, destructive behaviors. This isa crucial period for canines

and we require all new owners to take their puppies to Puppy Kindergarten and Basic

Obedience classes. This will teach you the correct way to train and handle your puppy for life.

The first year is hard work, thank goodness puppies are so darn cute! They are not wonderful

with little children until they are 6months of age or more and past the teething, nipping, crazy

puppy stage. Young children always need to be supervised around animals, period.

We do not sell pups to brokers, pet stores or chains. 


If after we have met or spoken with you and it is agreed you will provide a loving home for a puppy and you wish to reserve a puppy from us, we require a reservation fee. This fee places your name on one of our waiting lists. Should the litter not produce a pup that is a match in temperament for your family, it will be necessary for you to wait for one of our up-coming litters. We will do our best to provide you with your choice of puppy as soon as possible after your reservation fee is received. Having said this, we prefer not to place our puppies on a "first come, first serve" basis. We look at each family's lifestyle, their needs, the potential home environment and each individual pups needs and personality and make the best match between the two. The balance of the purchase price of the puppy is due before the puppy leaves our home. 

Whether you are just considering a beagle or know it's the breed for you, we welcome your questions about beagles and about our dogs. If you are interested in one of our puppies, please feel free to email us at or fill out our puppy questionnaire.


We do not ship puppies and we do not sell to pet stores or brokers. Our puppies are only available to carefully screened companion or competition homes where they will live in the house as a valued member of the family.



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